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Collegify has demonstrated an impressive ability of finding the right faculty members to help me score a brilliant 35 on my ACT.

Kartikeya S.

Who We Are

Collegify first began as Roads in 2008, offering Classroom Coaching and Standardized Test Preparation Services in Kolkata and Delhi. Collegify launched Admissions Consulting Services in 2012 and both Roads and Collegify merged under the single brand name Collegify in 2018.

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The Collegify Team comprises a group of passionate and dedicated educators from leading universities both in India and overseas, who are committed to providing premium Classroom Coaching and Personal Tutoring Services for Standardized Tests. All our Instructors and faculty have over a decade of experience in the industry and routinely undergo refresher courses and training to keep abreast of changing Test Formats.

What We Do

Our comprehensive Test Prep Services enable our students to ace Standardized Tests, not just with comprehension and practice, but all-encompassing, immersive learning opportunities. We don’t simply teach our students, but harness technology to create an interactive, experiential learning environment and a transformative learning experience.

Our Track Record

Collegify began as Roads in 2008 offering Classroom Coaching services for SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IB, TOEFL and IELTS examinations to students in Kolkata and Delhi. We have since grown to be a premiere institution for Test Prep services, successfully coaching over 2000 students in the past decade. Collegify and Roads graduates have consistently outperformed their expectations with exceptional Test Scores of over 1500 in the SATs, over 750 in the GMAT, over 320 in the GRE and 10th percentile scores in Subject Tests, TOEFL and IELTS.

The Collegify Difference

High Quality Faculty

Collegify provides premium test preparation and academic tutoring services, delivered by some of the best Tutors and Educators in the country, to help students maximize their test scores to qualify for elite universities world over.

Immediately after enrolling, Collegify students complete a Diagnostic Test that helps us identify their level of preparedness for their examination. Compiling the results of this Diagnostic Test and the student’s academic profile, we identify areas for further improvement, creating a customized study plan that best optimizes the student’s time. With assessments throughout the Course, we routinely monitor the student’s progress and fine tune their tutoring program.

We create thoroughly researched and customized study materials with strategies and practice drills. Our course curriculum provides test takers of all levels with content mastery and an organized approach that builds skills for every question type on the exam, including the most advanced content. We follow the Socratic teaching methodology using interactive classroom sessions on Multimedia platforms. Our emphasis lies on the highest yield content that shows up most frequently on test day.

Keep in mind that all Standardized Test are formulaic. At Collegify, our experienced faculty will teach you all the tricks, shortcut and formulae you will need and the common traps you must avoid. Most importantly, we will work on your reading, reasoning and logical decision-making skills to ensure that you understand the underlying logic behind the Test and learn to think like the test-maker to optimize your learning.

Collegify students also undergo rigorous compulsory full length Mock Tests under strict simulated examination conditions to help you acclimatize yourself to high pressure examination conditions.

Collegify maintains an exemplary 1:8 teacher-student ratio to provide adequate personal attention for all students throughout the learning process. We also provide Private Tutoring Services for students in order to accommodate unique schedules and individual needs.

Collegify provides students unmatched flexibility with minimum time constraints, flexible schedules, extra classes, remedial classes, special workshops and personal sessions. We provide our students with a last-minute orientation and stress-buster session on the Test Day to help them perform to their full potential.

Courses Offered

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • SAT Subject Test
  • IB Subjects
  • AP